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Stanwick Camp – A Thorn in the Foot

A walk to Stanwick Camp – the capital of Brigantia . . . Continue reading

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It’s Time to Migrate

I HEAR wild noises and glance into the sky as a skein of geese passes over the garden. So I light a fire in front of the shed and prepare to move my sheep to winter pastures . . .

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Counting the Stones on the Brough-Bowes Turnpike

BELDOO Moss is not the most spectacular hill in the north Pennines. Few people have heard of it; even fewer have tramped across it. But it does harbour one or two surprising features that make it worth a visit. I’ve … Continue reading

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London 1: Old Roads, Karl Marx, Two Dicks

The best thing to do on a visit to London is get the hiking boots out . . . Continue reading

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The Great North Road – Carved by Feet and Hooves

I LIVE on an ancient highway. It’s called the Great North Road. For many hundreds of years it’s been the main arterial link between the capital cities of two countries – England and Scotland. It is woven into history, folklore … Continue reading

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