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Days Like This, No 19: Pillar and the Rock

HOT sun on the back of the legs. Dust inside socks. Warm breeze drifting from the Irish Sea and stirring dry grasses. The magnificence of Pillar rising from the green of Mosedale into a flawless sky. Days like this were … Continue reading

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Days Like This, No 15: Walking From Penrith to Ravenglass

Backpacking through the Lakes on Vesta Beef Curry in 1978 . . . Continue reading

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East of Ullswater ??? An Inland Voyage

THE steamer Lady Wakefield chugs down the lake with its cargo of day-trippers. This is the way to embark on a walk. Throb-throb of engines; white light shimmering on water; the scent of fresh-cut hay and its reminders of childhood; … Continue reading

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Forever Changing ??? Broad Majestic Duddon

A walk along the shifting sands of the Duddon estuary . . . Continue reading

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Hambleton Hills ??? A Walk and a Sonnet

I???VE been delving into Wordsworth again ??? and like last time I???m going to set him tentatively aside. Despite the pertinent fact he wrote a sonnet entitled Composed After a Journey Across the Hambleton Hills ??? and that???s where I … Continue reading

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Lakeland-by-the-Sea: A Walk With a Border Collie

WORDSWORTH penned 34 sonnets either celebrating or related to the River Duddon ??? according to the contents pages of my Wordsworth???s Poetical Works Volume V. I had intended to include a few verses here to introduce this piece, but having … Continue reading

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