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Days Like This, No 17: Sleeping Giants of Assynt

CONIVAL and Ben More Assynt are mountains with majesty. I read an article a long time ago about these northern giants glimpsed in the rays of the setting sun, and the quartzite stones on their summits glowing golden in the … Continue reading

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What Does Adventure Mean to You?

DO you work in a factory, an office, a shop, or drive a company van? Are you a member of parliament, unemployed, a doctor, a refuse collector, a teacher or the chief executive officer of a multi-national corporation? Maybe you … Continue reading

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Madeira: So Let Me Get Right to the Point . . .

A clifftop path through some of the most spectacular coastal scenery in the world . . . Continue reading

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The Quest for Breakfast Above Loch Lochy

ON the crest of a wet and desolate Cam Bealach, as rain streams in from the north, a desperate man wanders through the mire . . . Continue reading

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Martindale Fells and the Three-Legged Pig of Prague

YOU think you know your parents. You presume that, after a lifetime of familiarity and togetherness, their lives, their characters and their pasts are so utterly immovable and unchangeable that they might as well be cast in stone. Then one … Continue reading

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Cape Wrath ??? the Edge of the World

THE roar of waves pounding ancient cliffs echoes from somewhere far below. Before me, the blue Atlantic stretches to distant rocks where only seabirds venture, lands where glaciers grind to the sea, and ice floes where polar bears wander. This … Continue reading

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The Half-Naked Man (Bearnais Bothy to Achnashellac)

A HALF-NAKED man stands on the banks of the River Carron with a pack on his back, gazing forlornly across the water towards the first main road he has seen in three days. Travellers on the A890, their attention arrested … Continue reading

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