The Madeira Diaries

MADEIRA is many things. It???s a rock in the Atlantic; a piece of Portugal; an island in the sun; a great place to visit. Its highest mountain towers more than 6,000ft above the ocean; rocky ridges form the spine of the island; it is crisscrossed by a network of breathtaking pathways. And then there are the levadas ??? irrigation channels carved through remote valleys and along cliff faces, all of which have paths at their sides. Need I say more? Only that Madeira is an absolutely fantastic place to pull on your boots and walk . . .

Madeira: Stairways to Heaven

Madeira: Walking with Water

Madeira: So Let Me Get Right to the Point . .??.

Madeira: The High and Mighty (Pico do Arieiro to Pico??Ruivo)

Madeira: The Royal Road to Ruin (Pico Grande . . .??nearly)